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About Us


Summary of Programs – The Charleston Wind Symphony performs two concerts per year.  In addition, a fundraising Fourth of July performance is being planned.  One of the major components of our mission is educational outreach.  

Summary of Clients Served - Of our four concerts thus far, approximately half (700-900 attendees) of our audience has been tri-county middle and high school music students, many of which had never attended a concert of professional musicians.  Others have been local music enthusiasts who support the organization.  We hope to establish an education initiative to provide private lessons to school students.

Annual Budget – The annual budget of the CWS is $48,000.  Donations can be sent to the address below.  The budget includes musician stipends, promotion, outreach, and facilities.

Legal Status – The Charleston Wind Symphony is a non-profit organization in South Carolina and is tax-exempt under IRS Code section 501(c)(3).

Ways to Help – To accomplish our mission, we need donations and corporate sponsors.  In addition, we need key community/business leaders to consider serving on our board of directors.

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